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OASYS provides bespoke Microsoft Access database software for a wide variety of service and manufacturing applications.  Installations to date include:

  •  a cost of operation program for a large diesel engine manufacturer (150 copies installed world-wide)
  • a complete order entry, estimating, invoicing, stock control and shop floor documentation system for a UK metal fabrication company, including links to payroll, personnel records and clocking-in machines
  • an issues tracking system for a company in the US
  • a prototype engine tracking system for a French installation
  • a marketing tool to track competitive prices in various locations world-wide, developed for a Belgian customer
  • a workshop scheduling system (600 copies installed world-wide) developed for an American customer

We use the industry-standard Microsoft Access development environment which allows us to provide both networked and stand-alone systems as specified.  We can also provide disk or CD duplication services, with appropriate labelling and packaging, for multiple software copies.

Key Benefits

  • An in-depth appreciation of your specific business needs based upon 25 years' systems analysis experience
  • Proven breadth of experience in service and manufacturing sectors
  • Industry-standard programming tools

Please see Examples/CV for more details on projects we have undertaken.