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OASYS can design a complete web site for your company.  We have web hosts  both in the UK and US  who can provide the technical expertise to back up the solutions we provide.  Web sites can be relatively simple 'advertisements' or can involve live data links to Access (and other) databases making your data (or a copy of it!) available to the World Wide Web.

Wherever possible, we try and use standard 'templates' for developing web sites to keep the costs down.  This site was developed in roughly one working day using such a template - developing from 'scratch' would have taken much longer and therefore cost a lot more.

We can even set up your hardware to access the Internet or your e-mail, even using mobile phones if required.

Key Benefits

  • Avoids the need for in-house technical expertise
  • Uses 25 years business expertise to accurately represent your company
  • Provides technical expertise to support your communications
  • Use yourcompany.com as a domain name and yourname @ yourcompany.com as an e-mail address (subject to domain name availablility)
  • provides domain name registration
  • a 'turnkey' solution for your Internet needs