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OASYS has an innovative but simple approach to hardware procurement: we take the place of an 'in house' IT department, discussing your computing needs, obtaining best prices, liaising with suppliers and then, ultimately, installing the equipment for you.  The 'innovative' part is that we don't supply the hardware; we feel this is best left to those who specialise in this area.

We have a number of suppliers that we tend to recommend for no other reason than the hardware already installed has proved reliable and fast.  Our current recommendations centre around Dell products for servers, desktop and mobile computing solutions, 3Com networking equipment and so on.  We can even arrange for a cabling company to install networking cabling for you.  You, however, place the purchase orders so keeping hardware costs to a minimum - our revenue is made on the installation of the equipment and subsequent support rather than the equipment itself.

OASYS currently has experience in installing Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows NT and Windows Server 2003 applications as well as desktop and mobile PC applications..

Key Benefits

  • Applies expertise when required
  • Performs like an on-demand IT department
  • No need to understand the 'jargon'
  • A one-stop solution for your hardware needs